Saturday, April 11, 2009

ACR 1980 25th Reunion Photos!

Check out the Class of '80 25th high school Reunion photos here. The event, with Teresa (Holt) Hembree (in pink, below) hosting, was reputedly the best one yet. Held at the High Vista Country Club Saturday, September 17, it was an upscale party with Phil Davenport as DJ, spinning tunes from the era.

Thanks go to Teresa Holt and Clay Thomas for providing these photos. Special thanks to Jerrie Canipe for identifying so many of you—she was meticulous and it was no small task. (You rule, Jerrie!) Teresa Holt and Clay Thomas also helped out with the final tweaking. If you have any more photos of the reunion, please e-mail them to


1. Teresa Holt, Kim Gudger and husband Michael Payne

2. Teresa Holt and Steve Campbell

3. Group shot, Part I

4. Group shot, Part II

5. Mark Kuykendall and his wife Kim

6. Mark Kuykendall, Mystery Babe, & Mike Cowan

7. Mystery Babe Keeps Popping up (so why won't she just dance with someone already?)

8. Brenda Slagle Brown

9. Tracy Tenpenny and Steve Melton. In the background, David Cole dancing with friend

10. Becky Crutchfield, Jerrie Canipe, Beverly Brown, Jackie House, and Dana Hopper

11. Tom Scheviak, Lee Matthews, and Ted Bryan

12. Vicki Gibson and husband Tripp Hughes

13. Bottom row: Lee Matthews, Kim Gudger, Leslie Smith, Becky Crutchfield, Jackie House, Steve Melton. Back Row: Tracy Tenpenny, Steve Campbell, and Karen Penley

14. Mike Lanning, Annette (Holland) Lanning, Alita Humphreys, and son Curt

15. Becky Crutchfield, Dana Hopper, Tracy Tenpenny, and Beverly Brown

16. Jerrie Canipe and Brenda Slagle Brown

17. Tracy Tenpenny and Steve Melton

18. Leslie Smith

19. Dana Hopper, Jeff Brown, Brenda Slagle, Alita Humphreys, and Phil Devenport at the mic

20. Curt (Alita Humphries' son), Mark Greene, Jerrie Canipe, Beverly Brown, Jackie House

21. Dana Hopper

22. Annette Holland and husband Mike Lanning, Debbie Montgomery and husband William Presnell, Clay Thomas, Tom Scheviak, and Greg Newman

23. Beverly Brown and Jeff Brown, Brenda Slagle Brown, Alita Humphries, Kim Kuykendall and Mark Kuykendall

24. Becky Crutchfield, David Cole and friend, Cindy Bryan and Ted Bryan, Lee Matthews. Standing in background is Lynn Kirby.

25. Jerrie (Canipe) McCracken and Teresa (Holt) Hembree.

26. Mike Cowan and Teresa Holt

27. Annette (Holland) Lanning and husband, Officer Mike Lanning, won the award for "Married the Longest."

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where Is YOUR Personal Page?

Hello, ACR Class on 1980. We've got a new project underway and you can and should join in. You know already how and that bring alumni together--also are happy to part you from you money in return for the service. If you are tired of that but still want to join up with your former classmates, here's your chance. Each of us gets our own page on this blog. You can put whatever you want on your page. A few links to sites you care about. Some info on what you are interested in, where you've been, where you are headed. Photos of you, of your loved ones--anything at all. Here's your opportunity to represent yourself. All free, of course. Your page will also have your contact info--if you want it to. You'd be surprised who may be dying of curiosity to know what happened to you all these, what 25 years?

I'll start off with mine, and then will create a permanent category on this blog, under the heading, "Individual Pages." You can always check on the links to see who's doing what. And you can always make changes to your page if you like (just let me know--or, if you foresee lots of changes, I'd be happy to add you as a member to this blog, so you can post whenever you wish.)

Contact me, Carolyn Blount, and let me know what you want to see here. Also, feel free to send anything--as little as your name and address and a photo--it's all up to you.



Monday, November 21, 2005

Got Updated Info?

Have any updated information to report? Changed your e-mail or mailing address? Have significant events happening in your life? Be sure to let Teresa (Holt) Hembree know. She's carefully keeping track of us (go, Teresa!) to make sure our reunions go well and she could use your help.

Right now she needs e-mail addresses for:

  • Lee Matthews
  • Steve Melton

Please send any and all information updates to

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wishing Them a Peaceful Journey . . .

ACR 1980 Classmates Who Are No Longer with Us:

  • Lynn Atkinson

  • Jerry Baker

  • Allison Carter

  • Vicki Haas

  • David McCrary

  • Anthony Penley

  • Larry Whitaker

  • Todd Wyrick

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1980 ACR Alumnus, Greg Newman, Elected Mayor of Hendersonville

Class of 1980's own Greg Newman (above, giving thumbs up) was elected Mayor of Hendersonville in Tuesday's primary election. Newman, seen as the challenger to the more established Ron Stephens, lead in polls conducted throughout the race.

Classmates of Newman's might not be surprised to learn of his victory, as the Mayor-elect served as ACR's then Junior class President during the 1978–1979 school year, and later as Senior class Vice President.

Congratulations, Greg! We are proud of you!

(Below, Newman pictured with his wife, Kim.)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Homecoming Court at Play: Roaring 20s Theme, Part II

Pictured, in no special order:
Charlene Blount and Partner; Christa Crouch; Clay Thomas and Susan Keil; Jordan Shields and Tammy Hall; Carolyn Blount and Jeff Mucci; Vickie Hudson and Steve Sloan.

Homecoming Court at Play: Roaring 20s Theme, Part I

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom:
Lee Matthews and Becky Crawley; Kim Lawson & Partner (Name?); the entire Homecoming Court and Partners; Susan Keil and Clay Thomas; Carolyn Blount and Jeff Mucci

Homecoming Court

Left to right, top to bottom:
Leslie Smith, Tammy Hall, Susan Keil, Carolyn Blount, Charlene Blount

Saturday, November 05, 2005

ACR 1980 Seniors, Benfield to Boise

From left to right, top to bottom:
Sheila Benfield, Kim Best, Terry Bethune, Carolyn Blount, Charlene Blount, Suzanne Booker, Regina Boyce, and Sheila Boyce.